My Story: The Life and Times Of A Graffiti Writer

What’s good? I’m Chris.

I’ve been writing graffiti for the past decade plus.

It feels like I’ve tried every marker on the market, and written on every type of surface this planet has to offer.

While I’ve never been an all-city king (and definitely not now), I’ve dedicated a large portion of my life to graffiti culture. I’ve been inspired by others, disgusted by others, got myself into far more trouble than I should have, and created moments that only my fellow writers would understand.

This site to helps writers get started on the right foot, emphasizes respect, humility, creativity, and most importantly getting up. Here, I share personal experiences and what I have learned over the years through my own mistakes and accomplishments. Nothing speaks louder than real world experience.

If you have anything you want to share please reach out; I appreciate any and all feedback (even the bad stuff).

I wish you all the best – stay up!


Founder of Graff Kit



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